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Tips For Adulthood: How To Make Time Off Productive

Every Wednesday I offer tips for adulthood. Last week I took a self-imposed vacation from this blog in order to focus on marketing my novel. It was...

Every Wednesday I offer tips for adulthood.

Last week I took a self-imposed vacation from this blog in order to focus on marketing my novel. It was an unusual thing for me to do, but I’m so glad that I decided to do it. As the self-development guru Colleen Wainwright – a.k.a. Communicatrix – put it so well in a comment on that post:

“Hardest thing in the world, carving out time for the Not Immediately Necessary. But how else does the big stuff get done?”

How else, indeed?

So in this week’s tip list, I thought I’d share what I learned from that experience and, specifically, how to make “time off” (as in time off to carry out a specific project, as opposed to a vacation) productive:

1. Tell Other People What You Are Doing. Several people – including myself – noted that I wrote a blog post to announce that I wouldn’t be blogging for a week. Why not just…stop blogging for a week? But I did that for a reason. I knew that if I told readers what I was doing and gave myself a time-line, I’d be more inspired to hit my goal. And I did.

2. Cut Distractions. This is obvious, but it bears repeating. Much of the joy that comes from being a blogger doesn’t just come from writing posts, but from reading other people’s blogs, commenting on those blogs, sharing an interesting article on Twitter, etc. Doing all that is a big part of how I come up with my ideas. And while I didn’t stop reading my RSS feed last week (perish the thought!), I did dramatically reduce the amount of time I normally spend in the blogosphere.

3. Stay Focused. Another obvious suggestion, but which also bears repeating. Midway through the week, I realized that I could easily have devoted the entire week just to clearing out my inbox. And by “clearing out my inbox” I don’t mean deleting announcements about “What’s on at The National Theatre” or the latest cure for cancer in homeopathy.  I mean attending to really useful articles and websites I’ve flagged for myself about blogging, writing, publishing, etc. that I *really must read.* But then I reminded myself: Nope, that’s not what I’m doing this week. I”m working on the novel. But that insight did motivate me to take another, future SIV (that’s “self imposed vacation” as opposed to SUV, FYI..BTW..IMHO…ha!) that will just be about blogging best practices.

4. Recognize That You’ll Never Totally Clear Your Inbox. I think I had this fantasy that once I took this large, annoying monkey off my back (e.g. sending out the novel to agents), the sky would magically part and I’d be relaxed and in control of my to-do list. But taking time off also made me realize that, much as I’d like to, I’ll never completely reduce my “to do” list to zero. Because as soon as I take one thing off the list – like “send out novel to agents” – something else immediately moves in to take its place, like “blog promotion.” Sure, there’s all this stuff floating around out there about inbox zero and the Four Hour work week. What-ever. I think for most of us, it’s about reducing our to-do lists to a manageable level and then taking it one step at a time, accepting that whatever we prioritize comes at the expense of other things we’d also – genuinely – like to be doing. That’s just…life.

5. Remember that Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder. One of the best ways to appreciate something in your life is to take a break from it. Your feelings while your away will tell you how much you either totally love it or could actually live without it. Back when I was an academic, I took a year off to work for the United States Treasury Department, precisely in order to see whether I’d miss my life as a professor. I didn’t miss it at all and mailed in my resignation half way through the year. In a similar vein, last week while “not blogging” I realized how much I love this blog and missed both writing it and being part of this community.

And that was the best lesson of all.


If you’re interested, here’s my piece in yesterday’s about the pro-Israel lobby in the U.K.

Image: Monkey On My Back by Mshai via Flickr under a Creative Commons License.

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  1. LPC November 19, 2009 at 1:19 am #

    Having been unemployed since June, and yet still alive, blogging, paying bills, maintaining a house, I have to rousingly agree with you. The to do list is never done. I’m working on a new philosophy, having left the era of just getting done what was absolutely necessary right before deadlines fell.

  2. Colleen Wainwright November 19, 2009 at 1:58 am #

    Egads. I will overlook how scary it is to be called an anything guru, much less a self-dev one, but I am delighted to see you back and having gotten your sh*t done. Brava, woman! You’re an inspiration. (And even Merlin says Inbox Zero is more about putting your attention towards what truly deserves it than getting your amount of read or unread emails down to a particular number.)

  3. Brahm November 20, 2009 at 7:39 am #

    Thanks for a really good and insightful post, and so true it is – recognizing that the inbox will never truly be conquered has been a major shift in perspective for me this year, and a huge learning curve. You are right, having a plan is the secret to success.

    • delialloyd November 20, 2009 at 10:51 am #

      Thanks Brahm, Glad to hear that it was useful. And welcome!


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