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Friday Pix: Recommended Reading For The Weekend

Every Friday I point you to some recommended reading around the blogosphere: 1. Sorry to be a party-pooper, but I couldn’t help but lead off...

Every Friday I point you to some recommended reading around the blogosphere:

1. Sorry to be a party-pooper, but I couldn’t help but lead off with my own Scrooge-like take on all the royal wedding coverage over here in the U.K. at

2. After the British government announced that it would be collecting data on the subjective well-being of its citizens earlier this week, The Guardian’s Tim Dowling came up with some sample questions.

3. Here’s the marvellous Gretchen Rubin over on The Huffington Post with 9 zany assignments to break up your ordinary routine. I *love* the idea of talking for 15 minutes without using the words “I” or “me.” (Good blogging advice too!)

4. Also love, love, love this cartoon at The Oatmeal about what it’s like to work from home, especially the bit about its effect on relationships.

5. Take a look at Erin McKean’s insightful piece in The Boston Globe about what phrases like “I hate to tell you” really mean.

6. Finally, the week wouldn’t be complete without this hilarious piece by Brittany Hunt at The Miscellany News about how to date a Women’s Studies major. (Hat tip: Salon Broadsheet)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Shelley November 20, 2010 at 1:20 pm #

    Not doing the media thing much, I only got a glimpse of Wm/K on the TV at the pub (during a fpotie game I didn’t watch). My first thought was ‘he’s looking his looks, best get hitched while he still has hair’. I’ve always thought K came across as sensible and since watching the interview you linked, I like him better as well (Bill doesn’t have hair and is all the better for it). I’ll look forward to loads of pretty pictures and enjoy those…at a distance, not doing the media thing much, or I’d probably be a Scrooge, too. Thanks for the link AND for the list of royal movies. I probably live in England because of Jean Simpson in Young Bess…

  2. Daryl Boylan November 20, 2010 at 8:46 pm #

    Well, there’s at least 2 of us who don’t give a damn about that wedding. When they show it on US TV (and boy, will they!) I shall busy myself with important projects such as emptying waste baskets.

  3. Hilary November 21, 2010 at 10:06 am #

    Hi Delia .. loved those links .. thanks – & sitting on a train through the Rockies across to Vancouver .. my mother and I did this with a plastic surgeon and his wife from Texas .. they asked us nothing & he just talked about himself and I kept prompting him once he’d run out of one subject .. never asked us what were we doing in Canada .. etc I didn’t believe it would happen but for the two hour dinner – it did!

    Oatmeal was great .. and the happiness questions .. have you seen the TED talk by Brene Brown – in Houston this summer? Very appropriate ..

    I’m quite looking forward to the feel good factor of a British Royal Wedding – sorry! It will certainly change the monarchy somewhat in due course ..

    Thanks – Hilary

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