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Friday Pix: Recommended Reading For The Weekend

Every Friday I point you towards some recommended reading around the blogosphere:

1. I’ve been a busy bee over at Politics Daily this week so I’m going to lead off with some of my recent news pieces. Here’s a story about whether or not exposing youth to free speech necessarily radicalizes them, drawing on recent events in the U.K.

2. I’ve also been covering Julian Assange’s extradition trial which – so far at least – does not look like it’s going his way. The curious Mr. Assange may be extradited to Sweden before too long.

3. Truth is stranger than fiction. Here’s a post on Gadhafi’s son’s dissertation at the London School of Economics which was all about – wait for it – the moral virtues of democratic decision-making. Irony knows no bounds…

4. I thought that this post by Aaron Traister in Salon about why men must speak out more about abortion was excellent.

5. In lighter fare, here’s a really fun website a friend sent me called the Malcolm Gladwell Book Generator. Scroll down to the bottom and click to generate new MalcolmGladwell-esque book titles.

6. Finally, also fun is this podcast called How To Do Everything by some former public radio colleagues. I especially loved the first segment of the latest episode where they talk about what happens if the Queen of England catches on fire.

Have a great weekend.