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Friday Pix: Recommended Reading For The Weekend

Every Friday I point you towards some recommended reading around the blogosphere:

1. Even though I haven’t seen half of these movies, I tend to think that – as usual – Roger Ebert is right about who got robbed in this year’s Oscar season. (As I die-hard fan of Hoop Dreams, I can’t believe they didn’t nominate The Interrupters!)

2. I thought David Hill’s article in the New York Times about the underlying pathos of stand-up comedy was brilliant.

3. As always, Alex Beam nails it in this hilarious take-down of the word “Dude.” (Which, by the way, I use all the time…)

4. Tear-jerker of the week – but worth it: two brothers sing a tribute to their dead mother to the tune of A Thousand Miles. (Hat tip: Lisa Belkin)

5. OK, OK. I know these “Sh*t X Say” videos are getting old, but as a former public radio employee (and ongoing fan!) I just had to laugh out loud at Sh*t Public Radio Listeners Say. The truth hurts. Ouch.

6. Over on Londontopia, check out these beautifully creative renderings of what London will look like in the future.

7. Finally, Facebook users:  if you’re even remotely interested in American politics (and laughing at it), you must, must, must friend Pour Me Coffee (or follow this person on twitter.)


Have a great weekend!