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Friday Pix: Recommended Reading For The Weekend

Every Friday I point you towards some recommended reading around the blogosphere:

1. I’ll listen to author Anne Lamott talk about anything. Here’s an interview with her at the New York Times Motherlode blog where, among other things, she discusses her views on adulthood. Bliss.

2. Simon Doonan’s random meditation on why we really get tattoos over on Slate is hilarious.

3. Here’s a gorgeous graphic comparison of New York and Paris at The Guardian.

4. I really can’t say for sure why I was mesmerized by the Children Medieval Band performing a song about overdosing on drugs, other than my no longer latent obsession with Game of Thrones. Check out that drummer – wow!

5. Strangling My Muse had some terrific suggestions for how to mark World Creativity and Innovation week. I’m personally a big fan of the community story idea.

6. Via The Huffington Post’s Lisa Belkin, I’ve just discovered The Bloggess. Boy, does she look like fun…

Have a great weekend!



Friday Pix: Recommended Reading For The Weekend

Every Friday I point you towards some recommended reading around the blogosphere:

1. If you do nothing else this weekend, listen to this fascinating account at This American Life of a recent story on China they ran which turned out not to be (entirely) true. Kudos to them for owning this.

2. Over on The Washington Post’s She The People blog, here’s a sobering reminder by Diana Reese of why the whole contraception debate raging in the U.S. isn’t all that important when you don’t have a job.

3. I loved the essay entitled Erma Bombeck: Feminist Housewife by Kristen Levithan on Literary Mama. Such an inspiration for us all.

4. I also loved Lisa Belkin’s account at The Huffington Post of her interview with author Anne Lamott and Lamott’s son, Sam. Sam became a father at 19 and has now written about the experience with his mother. Can’t wait to read it!

5. Also on The Washington Post this week were snippets from the Things I Would Have Said book project. Marvelous!

6. Finally, this is fun: a video of Lego Tower Bridge time lapse construction on Londontopia. Cool!


Have a great weekend, everybody!

Slash Careers Within Writing: My New Stint at Politics Daily

As I’ve said several times before on this blog, I’m a big fan of slash careers. Having multiple professional identities is a great way to make a living as a freelancer (particularly during a recession).  It’s also a great way – especially if you’re a writer – to exercise different parts of your brain. In my case, it helps to explain why I’ve been such an avid fundraiser for my children’s school over the past few years.

But another way to keep yourself stimulated as a writer is to slash within your writing. I know a political scientist who also writes children’s songs. One of my favorite writers – Anne Lamott – has written a best-selling parenting memoir, Operating Instructions, a “how to” book on writing, Bird By Bird, as well as several novels. My guess is that there’s something about moving around within all these different genres that keeps her alive as a writer.

In that vein, I’m delighted to announce that I’ve become a contributor to a new political webzine in Washington, D.C. called Politics Daily. I’ll be writing two posts a week for their Woman Up column (where – and I quote – “big girl panties are always a fit,”) as well as occasional features.

My first feature – an interview with an international legal scholar here in the U.K. about the ongoing torture debate in the U.S. – ran on Friday. Check it out here and leave a comment if you dare! (Buyer Beware: I’m coming to learn that the comment section on political websites can be a scary place…be sure to wear your own plus-sized boxers/briefs/panties/thongs/undergarments/what-have-you if you plan on going there…).

For me, this new gig is particularly exciting because it allows me to fuse my background in politics/policy analysis and journalism back into my writing career. In the last few years, I’ve been working as a freelance writer, focusing mainly on personal essays, blogging and fiction. But before that, I worked as a producer for Chicago Public Radio. And before that, I taught political science at the University of Chicago.

So it felt great to roll up my sleeves and dive back into the sort of research, interviewing and reporting that goes into being a journalist. And it was also a lot of fun to return to the sorts of international topics that I once taught and wrote about as a scholar. Above all, however, the experience confirmed for me – once again – that careers really don’t have to be linear anymore. These days, it’s all about the kaleidoscope, baby.

I’ll be sure to highlight pieces I write for Politics Daily when they are relevant to RealDelia.

In the meantime, take a moment to think about your own slash careers – real or potential. What sorts of things have you added or would you like to add to your career portfolio?

Image: Reporter’s Notebook, US Version by Nicla via Flickr under a Creative Commons License.

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