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In Defense of EMILY's List

So it would appear that I need to don my wetsuit one more time and swim across the pond to defend the honor of EMILY’s list.

The last time I did this was earlier this summer, when EMILYs List — a national political group dedicated to electing pro-choice progressive women — launched a campaign, “Sarah Doesn’t Speak For Me.” The group ran an ad openly mocking Sarah Palin’s whole “mama grizzly” trope for conservative women. In the ad, women dressed in bear costumes voiced their concerns over such issues as health care policy and federal support for education to explain why Palin does not speak for them. While many feminist bloggers pilloried the ad, I was quite sympathetic. I thought it was funny, clever and appropriately outrageous.

Now, EMILY’s list would appear to be in hot water once again. This time, it concerns the Smart Girl Summit that took place in Arlington, Va., last week. Smart Girl Summit is an outgrowth of Smart Girl Politics, which bills itself as “the home on the Internet for conservative women and grassroots activism.”

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Yesterday, I was also over on Politics Daily talking about how emerging terrorist threats are darkening Europe’s immigration debate.

Image: feminism by Cross-stitch ninja via flickr under a Creative Commons license.

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Friday Pix: Recommended Reading For The Weekend

Every Friday I point you to some recommended reading around the blogosphere:

1. I’m always impressed when people follow their dreams in adulthood. In that spirit, have a look at my friend Laurie Gould’s new website – Gould Tunes – which showcases the album she and some friends will be releasing later on this autumn: Songs of Domestic Bliss. Working moms should definitely have a sneak preview of “I Should.”

2. Here’s a novel idea. Get divorced and share custody of not only the kids…but a blog! That’s what’s happening over at When The Flames Go Up. Check it out!

3. I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to follow what’s going on over at Gawker, but boy am I glad that I did. Love this blog network’s irreverent, snarky tone. Here’s a great spoof of Sarah Palin’s recent diatribe against a “cackle of Rads.”

4. A friend of mine linked to Beloit College’s Mindset List For The Class of 2014, where a humanities professor on campus walks you through the mindset of the current graduates to let you know how young they are (or how old you are.) My favorite? “John McEnroe has never played professional tennis.”

5. I always enjoy Howard Baldwin’s rants over on Middle Age Cranky. Here he is on Boomer Living’s Coffee House Blog talking about “Seven More Things That Really Frost Me About Middle Age.” (Yeah, I’m also bummed about the game show thing.)

6. In case you’ve ever wondered where I live, here’s a glorious website that provides A Virtual Tour of Hampstead Village, replete with vintage pictures. (Hat Tip: ‘Cross The Pond.)

7. Finally, for those who are interested, here’s my defense of the EMILY’s list Mama Grizzly ad that’s been the subject of much discussion back home in America this week.

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