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Oh Daniel Radcliffe, Do Grow Up

Dear Daniel Radcliffe, a.k.a. Harry Potter, please stop acting like a jackass.

In a desperate attempt to outgrow his lifelong association as the Boy Wonder of Hogwarts Academy, Daniel Radcliffe has been trying desperately to revamp his  image lately. But he’s rapidly becoming  too cool for school.

Last summer, Radcliffe revealed to the British press that he’d given up drinking after a longstanding battle with alcohol. Fair enough. Although it was disconcerting to imagine Harry Potter downing anything more than butterbeer, lots of child stars struggle with substance abuse problems at an early age, even if the kids on the set of Harry Potter were thought to have coped better with the dual exigencies of fame and childhood than the likes of Lindsay Lohan.

But recently, Radcliffe went into TMI overdrive, telling the Daily Mail about how he’s had sex with fans, sometimes while under the influence. (Again, one thinks back to that first kiss with Cho Chang and shudders at the thought.)

So what gives?

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Image: Harry Potter by karly ilustraciones via Flickr under a Creative Commons license.