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Friday Pix: Recommended Reading For The Weekend

Every Friday I point you towards some recommended reading around the blogosphere:

1. Here is an absolutely harrowing, first-person video of the Japanese tsunami. It is almost unwatchable. (Hat tip: @donnatrussell)

2. As I indicated several weeks back, Politics Daily – my (other) Online home for the past two years – has gone dark. Here is our amazing Editor-in-Chief, Melinda Henneberger, in what’s quite possibly the classiest send-off I’ve ever read.

3. And while we’re eulogizing Politics Daily, I loved this behind-the-scenes look by Nate Grady at what was like to be a comment moderator on our political blog.

4. A friend of mine has started a new blog about parenting, expat living and all-around mindfulness called Inhale To Prepare. Here’s one of her debut posts where she applies what she learns from watching her 11-month old explore the world to how we approach the mundane tasks of everyday life. I don’t think I’ll ever floss the same way again.

5. Another new blog out there worth visiting is Susan Cain’s Quiet: The Power Of Introverts. I’m definitely *not* an introvert but I enjoy reading Susan’s meditations on this topic.

6. I read a lot of freelance writing blogs, but few are as consistently useful as Michelle Rafter’s Word Count. If you’re a freelance writer (or wannabe) this one is a must.

7. Finally, in the Department of Just Because, here’s a really cool video over at the Boston Globe’s Brainiac blog explaining¬† how sounds get made for movies. Love it!

Have a great weekend.