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Friday Pix: Recommended Reading For The Weekend

On occasional Fridays, I point you towards some recommended reading around the blogosphere:

1. If, like me, you once harbored a fascination with Julian Assange, you’ll love this essay in the London Review of Books by Andrew O’Hagan on ghostwriting Julian Assange’s memoir.

2. I’m a huge fan of the New York Times’ Modern Love column. Here’s a touching essay on falling in love – again – with your ex.

3. Some simply gorgeous photos of London: Now and Then over at the BBC.

4. And if you’re in an artsy mood, go ahead and guess the famous artist on these postcards.

5. I’ve become a huge Jimmy Kimmel fan of late. Here’s a series of his fake viral videos. Hilarious!

6. Finally, through work I stumbled across this gem: a Tumbler blog called Gifplomacy. Those French are so clever!

Have a great weekend!