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The Real Reason Boris Resembles Trump

boris and trump

boris and trumpEver since Boris Johnson became leader of the Conservative party in the UK, much has been made of his purported similarities to the American President, Donald Trump. Both men are seen to be “disrupters” within their parties.  Both men have espoused a populist, anti-globalisation message to harness support among working class voters.  And both men have led unruly personal lives.

While one can debate how closely these two men align beneath the surface, there’s one, less visible area where they are almost 100% in sync:  their speaking styles. A voice analysis by the Vox Institute in Geneva of the two men’s inaugural addresses as leaders revealed a remarkable similarity on nearly all aspects of speech, including things like tone, frequency, loudness, and intonation.

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Image: Johnson and Trump at the 47th G7 in Biarritz via Wikimedia Commons

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