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Friday Pix: Some Recommended Reading for the Weekend


tangoOn occasional Fridays, I point you towards some recommended reading for the weekend:

a. My favorite new discovery for all we writers of a certain age is Bloom, a literary site devoted to highlighting, profiling, reviewing, and interviewing authors whose first major work was published when they were age 40 or older. To which I say: Hurrah! Am loving tapping in to this wealth of talent.

b. And speaking of writing, here’s a wonderful essay from Catapult about why one author needed to learn the tango in order to write her memoir. (Note to self: time to get on the pista??)

c. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I was really inspired by this account of the creation of the famous accelerator, Y-Combinator, by one of its co-founders, Jessica Livingston. I particularly liked the way she described her added-value to the team.

d. For those of us interested in learning more about the evolving landscape for older workers, here’s a super-useful list of which twitter accounts to follow. (Hat tip: Marci Alboher)

e. Finally, from Linked In, a wonderful list of advice from Chip Conley on what he wished he’d known at the ages of 10,20,30, 40 and 50.

Have a lovely weekend!

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Image: Tango Show Buenos Aires via Wikimedia Commons