Friday Pix: Recommended Reading For The Weekend

Every Friday I point you towards some recommended reading around the blogosphere:

1. My inner geek was really fascinated by this piece by philosopher Gary Gutting on the New York Times Opinionator blog about the reliability of the social sciences.

2. I usually read The Oatmeal to laugh, but Dear God how I loved his response to an article in Forbes critiquing his recent comic on Nikola Tesla. (And yes, I had to have my 11 year-old explain who Tesla was.)

3. Over on Big Little Wolf’s Daily Plate of Crazy, check on the post on actress Jane Lynch’s commencement speech at Smith College. Wonderful!

4. I was quite taken with this short post on Surrender, Dorothy on why, as we age, we care more and more about things that last.

5. Finally, this short film by Mike Birbiglia about his “encounter” with NPR radio personality Terry Gross is, quite simply, brilliant.


Have a great weekend, everybody!

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