5 Tips For How to Hit a Writing Deadline

hitting a writing deadline

I was scrolling through my Twitter feed the other day when a post stopped me dead in my tracks. It was a link to a café in Japan where you cannot enter the premises without committing to getting a certain amount of writing done. It is  *literally* a manuscript deadline cafe!

I immediately decided that this establishment was a writer’s version of  marmite.  My instant reaction was “Sign me up!” A close friend exclaimed: “That is my definition of hell.”

Love or hate deadlines, most of us need to hit them. As someone who coaches writers for a living—many of whom are PhD students or academics—I am often in the position of helping people get from A to B under time pressure.

Here are five tips for how to hit a writing deadline:

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Image:  Photo by Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash


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