Reading Recommendations for 2023

Reading recommendations for 2023. Image of a person reading a book

Looking for reading recommendations for 2023? As many of you know, I write a monthly newletter called Good Reads for Grownups. In it, I highlight articles, books, podcasts and films I’ve enjoyed over the past month. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback over the past few years from friends and strangers alike. And naturally, I encourage you to subscribe too!

My newsletter a labor of love. I look forward to putting it together every month and sharing my suggestions.

So I was thrilled when journalist and podcaster Jill Martin Wrenn invited me to talk about my newsletter on her wonderful podcast, How to Build a Village. We cover a lot of ground in this short, 15-minute interview, including how I source my content, how my reading informs my writing, and what some of my top picks are for 2023.

Have a listen!  I hope you enjoy my reading recommendations for 2023. And have a wonderful holiday season!

Image: Photo by Blaz Photo on Unsplash

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