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I am a communications expert with over 25 years of experience.

I deliver bespoke, one-to-one coaching and workshops to universities, businesses, non-profits, and individuals. Through my enthusiastic, hands-on approach, I empower people to write speak and lead more effectively. I am also a seasoned and versatile editor, one who lends style and structure to a range of written outputs.

What makes my brand distinctive is that I think with the logic and rigor of a social scientist, but communicate with the flair and fluidity of a journalist. This dual emphasis on coherence and accessibility permeates my approach to helping you craft your message, whether you are drafting a blog, presenting a keynote speech, writing a dissertation or leading a team. In addition to my solo work, I also collaborate with Clearwater Advisers, The iOpener Institute, and The Writing Coach.


My action-packed workshops combine best practice tips with hands-on exercises.


My muscular, one-to-one coaching educates as much as it motivates.


My laser-sharp editing makes your writing crisp, cogent, and vibrant.

My training enables you to:

Write and Speak

with clarity and concision


with logic and engagement

Express Ideas

with authenticity and confidence

Lead teams

with empathy and impact


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Delia is an exceptionally engaging instructor with a laser sharp focus on the person and a keen sense of their strengths and development needs.

Literally the most useful and practically helpful session I have had on my writing throughout my

Insightful, exciting and powerful – an opportunity to truly self-reflect.

A great editor who makes you sound smarter than you are and ensures your ideas land in exactly the right way to gain traction.

Excellent. Honestly, a big takeaway was how to deliver a successful workshop.