This is where I really sink my teeth into a client’s communication challenges and give them extensive feedback. My goal is to empower the client to improve their work on their own, rather than simply telling them what to do. As such, I often weave exercises, tools, and PowerPoint slides into my coaching sessions in order to provide techniques that can be practiced at home. I am also a real cheerleader for my clients. I bring my signature insight and energy to help enhance their communication skills, but I also help them to cultivate a positive mindset. As one client noted,

She is someone who is continuously positive, supportive and encouraging. Delia is a great coach, and an even better mentor.”

The majority of my coaching focuses on writing. I typically spend one hour reading the manuscript in advance of the session and making comments. This extensively marked-up draft is then sent to the client – along with a list of top-line suggestions – several hours ahead of the session. Off the back of those documents, we then spend an hour zeroing in on central areas for improvement. I occasionally assign some homework to complete before the next session.

I also coach individuals on public speaking and productivity. With public speaking, there is a lot of camera work. We spend a great deal of time analyzing video clips to isolate what’s going well and what can be improved, and then repeat the exercises so as to embed the learning. My productivity coaching focuses introduces a range of project and time-management tools, as well as methods for overcoming writer’s block.

Examples of my coaching include:

  • Enabling a senior insurance executive to have greater impact in meetings
  • Assisting a psychiatrist with the development of a full-length book manuscript
  • Empowering a writer to adopt more productive work habits
  • Helping a policy analyst to write shorter, crisper blogs
  • Brainstorming a book proposal with a senior academic

Delia has the ability to make my writing shine.

Delia was a brilliant writing coach. She often understood more about what I was trying to say...than I was able to articulate.

My work – and my confidence as a writer – has vastly improved with Delia’s coaching.

Collaborating with Delia was immensely inspirational.


My action-packed workshops combine best practice tips with hands-on exercises.


My laser-sharp editing makes your writing crisp, cogent, and vibrant.