Workshops with Delia Lloyd

Delia Lloyd communications consultant teaching a workshop to a group of professionals. Photo by: Andrew Bailey.

Photo by: Andrew Bailey

My writing, public speaking, and leadership workshops offer a quick but thorough primer on best practice for the topic at hand. Participants apply relevant concepts to their own work, with feedback from myself and peers. Learning is further embedded through PDF copies of my PowerPoint slides, as well as handouts with additional tips.

When preparing a workshop, I am conscientious and meticulous. I begin with a discovery call to ascertain the client’s needs and consult further if there is any ambiguity. I believe in lifelong learning, so always follow up afterwards to receive feedback.

When preparing new materials, I do extensive reading and research so that I can render topics accessible to the audience at hand and answer questions confidently. I am particularly mindful to select exercises that bring a concept to life, rather than just lecturing at the audience.

People who take my workshops come away with concrete skills they can begin implementing immediately. As one attendee put it, “We think we know how to write. And then we take one of Delia’s workshops.”

People also emerge from my workshops with greater zeal and a renewed sense of purpose. One participant wrote:

I was thrilled by Delia Lloyd’s energy and enthusiasm…She’s been a source of inspiration and a role model I’ll try to emulate.”

While I offer a robust and diverse suite of content (see below), I am always open to developing new material. I can also mix and match different components from existing workshops to yield a more bespoke experience.

Virtual Workshops

With the advent of the 2020 pandemic, I now offer all of my workshops both face-to-face and virtually. My home office is fully kitted out with the latest equipment, and I can be highly flexible with delivery times so as to meet needs across time zones.


I have delivered workshops for anywhere from 4 to 105 people. These typically last between 90 minutes to an entire day, at times extending across several days.

I am available for weekend hire, although weekdays are preferable. Prices vary with the number of sessions and the type of client, so please contact me to discuss fees in more detail.

Sample workshops include:

  • Advanced Presentation Skills for sales representatives at an energy company
  • Using Stories to Engage and Inspire Others for Executive MBAs at a business school
  • Academic Writing for post-graduate students pursuing their PhDs
  • Life Skills for Offices for Master’s students seeking employment
  • How to Edit Your Own Writing for researchers and policy analysts at a think tank

Sensational...very energetic...blindingly useful...the best I've attended in 25 years.

One of those rare people who consistently delivers work of the highest quality whilst raising the game of everyone she works alongside and keeping them laughing—and intellectually stimulated—in the process.

Relevant, fast-paced, interactive, and engaging.

Our session was insightful, engaging, and thoroughly enjoyable, and it left a lasting impression on all of us.

The best workshop I’ve ever taken.


My muscular, one-to-one coaching educates as much as it motivates.


My laser-sharp editing makes your writing crisp, cogent, and vibrant.