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I deliver bespoke, one-to-one coaching and workshops to universities, businesses, non-profits, and individuals. Through my enthusiastic, hands-on approach, I empower people to write speak and lead more effectively.

I am also a seasoned and versatile editor, one who imbues a range of written outputs with both structure and style. By consulting with Delia Lloyd, your writing will be clearer and crisper. It will also sing!

What makes my consulting brand distinctive is that I think with the logic and rigor of a social scientist, but communicate with the flair and fluidity of a journalist. This dual emphasis on clarity and engagement permeates my approach to helping you craft your message. It applies whether you are drafting a blog, presenting a keynote speech, writing a dissertation, or leading a team.

I work with clients from all over the globe, at all ages and at all stages of their careers. Some of my clients are still in university, while others are senior executives or even in a second career. I pride myself on being open and inclusive to people of all backgrounds. One client had this to say about my work with them:  “I could not put into words how helpful the sessions we had with you were, especially for those of us with English as a second language.”

In addition to my solo consulting work, I also collaborate with The iOpener Institute, and The Writing Coach.


My action-packed workshops combine best practice tips with hands-on exercises.


My muscular, one-to-one coaching educates as much as it motivates.


My laser-sharp editing makes your writing crisp, cogent, and vibrant.

My training enables you to:

Write and Speak

with clarity and concision


with logic and engagement

Express Ideas

with authenticity and confidence

Lead teams

with empathy and impact


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Delia is an exceptionally engaging instructor with a laser sharp focus on the person and a keen sense of their strengths and development needs.

Literally the most useful and practically helpful session I have had on my writing throughout my

Insightful, exciting and powerful—an opportunity to truly self-reflect.

A great editor who makes you sound smarter than you are and ensures your ideas land in exactly the right way to gain traction.

Excellent. Honestly, a big takeaway was how to deliver a successful workshop.