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I have reported stories and written personal essays and blogs for a variety of radio, print and web outlets. My first job in journalism was as a producer at Chicago Public Radio’s Odyssey, a nationally syndicated show about ideas. At Chicago Public Radio, I recorded commentaries for the station’s flagship morning program, Eight Forty-Eight. I was the London correspondent for AOL’s daily news magazine, Politics Daily. At both Politics Daily (Woman Up) and The Washington Post (She the People), I was a featured blogger writing about the intersection between women, culture and politics. I am currently a regular contributor to two websites exploring women’s fulfilment as they age: Better After 50 and Sixty and Me. In addition, my personal essays and reporting have appeared in outlets including The New York TimesThe Financial Times, USA Today, and The BBC World Service.

A selection of my essays, commentaries, and reporting can be found here.

Enjoy Your Royal Wedding. Harry and Meghan Seem Nice but I Have Better Things to Do

May 17, 2018

USA Today

I could live without the royal wedding – the frenzy, the expense and the myth that Meghan Markle will make the monarchy seem hip…

The Death of the Summer Job

June 25, 2012

The Washington Post

Amid the many indicators that summer has finally arrived – barbecues…Fourth of July parades…flip-flops and sun block…

Do Atheists Need ‘A Cathedral of Their Own’

January 30, 2012

The Washington Post

This just in, from the Department of “Can you imagine this happening in the United States?” Two prominent atheists…

Teaching (Other) Children About Sex

June 8, 2010

The New York Times Motherlode blog

You are an enlightened and proactive parent. You talk to your child about sex in age-appropriate ways and a matter-of-fact-tone. You make sure to answer…

The London Mews: Trendy home, tiny living space

May 23, 2008

Christian Science Monitor

While my apartment is in one of the city’s poshest areas, it is really just a well-located closet…

Some U.S. Voters May be Far From Home, but they Remain Close to the Elections

February 24, 2008

The International Herald Tribune

As an American living in London for the past year and a half, I have grown accustomed to the quiet, reserved way…

My Fifteen Minutes of Expat Fame

November 23, 2007

International Herald Tribune

Andy Warhol once said that everybody has 15 minutes of fame. I always imagined that mine would come when I won the Oscar…

Turning Green: Environmentalism by Default

July 24, 2007

World Update, BBC World Service


What’s a Typewriter?

February 15, 2006

Eight Forty-Eight, Chicago Public Radio

Chicago Public Radio’s Delia Lloyd takes us to an office supply shop in Oak Park where nostalgia keeps old technology alive…

Delia is an outstanding writer. She has a natural clarity of expression and style, and is highly adaptive to any format - from news to annual reports to research publications.

She is highly skilled at assimilating new information and turning it into succinct, engaging and bright content.

A brilliant writer capable of turning her attention to politics and personal growth on a variety of platforms with equal aplomb, But this is rarely about her: she sets a pace which enables people around her to do their best work. Consider yourself lucky if you get to work with her.

RealDelia is one of those rare blogs that makes me laugh out loud and think - often in the same post.