Blog—Finding Yourself in Adulthood

I’m taking a short break from the blog to recharge. I’ll be back soon!

This blog is devoted to the idea that adulthood is not a destination. Growing up, I always thought adulthood was the final frontier—a place you arrived and suddenly everything made sense:  you knew what you wanted to do with your life, you knew what advice to give your kids, you knew which shoes looked right with that jacket. Turns out, it doesn’t work that way. Sure, you make progress and have those “Aha!” moments every so often. But growing up is all very incremental and you never really arrive anywhere. And that’s the point.

This blog is about what happens when you “find yourself in adulthood,” and some lessons I’ve learned along the way. I hope that it enlightens, inspires, and resonates. But most of all, I really do hope that you laugh.


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