Friday Pix: Recommended Reading For The Weekend

Apologies if you have not been getting your normal updates from the blog this week. I’ve been having trouble with the feed and am working to resolve this problem. I appreciate your patience.


Every Friday I point you towards some recommended reading around the blogosphere:

1. Apropos of the burgeoning Herman Cain sex scandal, my colleague Melinda Henneberger offers a detailed account in the Washington Post of the sexual harassment that she, several of our colleagues and random women off of the street have encountered throughout their working lives. It’s why, as she argues, sexual harassment is a ‘real issue’, not something to get past so that we can move on to what really counts. Amen.

2. Proving that he truly is one of the strangest – and funniest – guys out there, here’s a replay of John Hodgman’s speech at the 2008 TED conference, entitled “Aliens, Love – Where Are They?” (Hat tip: Quiet: The Power of Introverts)

3. Surprisingly moving: The New York Times’ Philip Galanes explains why he became a gossip columnist.

4. This American Life fans will adore the Ira Glass Sex Tape which appeared in The Village Voice. Remarkably credible!

5. I was absolutely mesmerized by the Museum of Obsolete Objects. Be sure to check out the entry on the mouse! (Hat tip: Very Short List.)

6. In response to my post earlier this week about why I envy atheists, a friendly reader sent me The Atheist Song by Steve Martin. This is why I love blogging. Thanks, Alex!

7. Finally, your week would not be complete with out a quick peek at this extremely strange German fellow who apparently does not like the term “Daddy Long Legs.’ Kindly drop whatever you’re doing and have a look-see.



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