Welcome to RealDelia 3.0

welcomeBack in January, I decided that one way to make January less dreadful would be to take on one big project. I did, and it was this blog.

I love this blog, but it’s been more than 10 years since it had a refresh. Let’s just say we’d gotten way beyond the stage in renovation where there’s just a bit of chipped paint here and there that needs some touching up. We’d gotten to the point where, if I accidentaly clicked on the wrong button, the whole thing shut down. (This actually happened. Insert panic emoji).

But it wasn’t just the internal plumbing that needed some fixing. The blog had begun to look a bit dated. More importantly, a lot has happened in my professional life since I last upated. Like launching my business as a communication consultant.

I began to realize that there was no one place online to go and find out about the different parts of my portfolio career. My online identity was fragmented across this blog, a Delia Lloyd website I hardly ever updated and my Linked In page which I was updating every five minutes. So, taking a page from the amazing Jane Friedman – who’s an expert, among other things, on platform – I decided to consolidate my online real estate. Now, people who want to work with me and/or read my blog and/or dip into my other writing can now indulge in one-stop shopping.

I’m really happy about the new look and feel. I’ve kept the purple. I’m told from reliable sources that purple commands respect. But “the richness of purple doesn’t just express wealth. It also reveals a deep personality, a fulfilling inner life, or a strong creative spirit.”

Say it!

I’ve also updated the hosting platform for my newsletter (subscribe here!) and provided a much more detailed explanation of who I am and how I got here.

So, by all means, please take a moment to look around. I’ll be back shortly with some new content.

Welcome to my new home!

Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash




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