Adulthood Quiz: Do You Think Like A Man Or A Woman?

We interrupt our regular programming to bring you this gem from the BBC. It’s a quiz called Sex ID that generates a brain sex profile to help you figure out if you think more like a man or a woman.(Yeah, I know, I know. All that Left brain/Right brain stuff is soooooo yesterday’s news, but still…)

This thing’s been kicking around my inbox for ages under the category “Look At This” (which – as we all know – is a recipe for endless procrastination.)

But tonight – at the urging of my nine year-old son – I finally sat down and took the quiz. Actually, he took the quiz but I’m going to take it now.

And as I sat down to do this, I thought – this is so cool! So I’m sharing it with all of you as well.

Enjoy. And by all means, please do share the results!

Click here to take this quiz.

Image: Brain vs. Brawn by TangYauHoong via Flickr under a Creative Commons License

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